Solar Grants For Farmers

Solar Energy For Farms

Solar energy for farming is fast being recognised as a way for farmers to future-proof their farms against the volatile prices of non-renewable forms of energy costs such as oil and diesel and at the same time reduce the CO2 emission levels being emitted by farms in their normal day to day work activities.


One of the main attractions of adopting solar power in farming environments is it can be installed easily onto an existing structure on site. Add to that the fact that solar power is a clean, affordable and sustainable energy form and the argument for farms turning more towards solar energy usage is more than obvious.

Solar Energy Grants For Farmers

Dairy, beef and tillage farmers are currently eligible to apply for grant aid towards the cost of installing solar power systems on farms. Under the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS), farmers can qualify for grant support for up to 11kWp of solar PV and 6kWp of solar power battery storage. The majority of farmers in Ireland can secure a 40% grant of their total solar PV investment. There is provision in this scheme for young farmers to qualify for grants of up to 60% of their solar energy infrastructure investment cost. To read more about the TAMS solar PV support scheme, click HERE.


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